You can be somebody’s Hero

It is possible to have one person out of all the billion in this world, to look at you and think I want to be like that…one day, today and day.
But You just have to make sure that Moment they see You and see their Hero…that You can proudly say, That was the best part of you.
Coz all of us can be 5 kinds of people, (rude,nice, selfish,grumpy and jealous)…there is more.
Which ever one you pick…just make sure that when somebody look at you at that precise moment…
They will be an asset for this world and not part of the destruction


Call yourself a man

Call yourself a man, when you have enough respect for a girl that before you sleep with her, make her your one and only.
Make sure that she wont need to go to her parents ever again for help.
Have the patient to wait untill the time is right for her.
To only lift your hands onto her, when you hug her, or heal her wounds.
Make sure that you dont want nobody but her.
Never allow her to cry for your love, but make her cry only becoz she is happy.
Be man enough to be a man

my Opinion.

Iewers (Somewhere)

Vandag iewers maak iemand hul ogies vir die eerste keer in die wereld oop, na 9maandjies.
Vandag iewers maak iemand hul ogies vir die laaste keer toe, na jare of minute in die lewe.
Vandag iewers word iemand te ruste gelê. Hulle stryd is klaar geveg.
Vandag iewers vier iemand sy/haar genade kans want die dood was vir hulle gespaar.
Vandag iewers mis, n hart die glimlag van n geliefde, wat lankal nie meer daar is nie.
Vandag iewers besef iemand die kosbare glimlag van n geliefde, wat hulle nooit gesien het nie.
Vandag iewers is n moeder en vader betraand oor hul kind wat nie meer is nie.
Vandag iewers wens twee ouers hul het n kind gehad.
Vandag iewers mis n kind sy of haar ouers, wat hede verruil het met die ewige.
Vandag iewers wens n kind hy/sy het hom/haar ouers geken.
Vandag iewers vier iemand verjaarsdag.
Vandag iewers bring hierdie dag pynlike herinneringe.
Vandag iewers…is daar iemand wat op kyk na die Hemel en vra, “Here help my”

He will never let me fall

Daar was ek…so ongelooflik besmet met sonde dat die see my nie kon af was nie.
Maar Hy het afgebuk, en my opgetel.
Hy het my skoongewas met die Bloed van die Lam.
Hy het my met ‘n nuwe lewe geseen.
En ek weet in my hart, Hy sal my nooit laat val nie.
Hy sal my nooit verlaat nie.

Forever greatful

Image of You

When the sun takes his final bow, way beyond the western horizon. I’ll take one last look at its beauty before closing the door behind me. I turn around and I’m met with the same beautiful gaze as if it did not just leave for the North but only transported into your eyes, into your smile, into the way you make me feel. I smile and reach to you but my fingers dissolve the image of you, and sadly I remember you’re not here with me, physically.
But the love I feel for you recreates you so perfectly, it’s hard to believe I’ve never actually seen you in real life. I believe in a future and I believe in love and together, I believe in my life with you.

The truth actually hurts

I’ve always allowed myself not to feel like a failure.
Never allow myself to think I’m not gonna get there.
Instead I took other opportunities handed to me.
I told myself I can make this too.
I let go of that other thing I planned.
Today 09 December 2015 I realised how I let myself down.
How hard I’m trying to fight myself from drowning.
I change everything just so that I could feel good about myself.
I try every year to be better but I only excel until I feel too confident.
I don’t how to change myself into the better me