Love Me like No One Else Can

Love me like im your mistress.
Make me feel special that you take the dare to fall inlove.
Make me hate the world for knowing you first.
Give me a reason to forget I had been single before.
Give us a chance to show the world Love they can only Imagine.
#justOnce #Love #FirstTime


Lounging around of the wicked by Jean-Paul Willemse

This talks to my soul


An empty room in the middle of Stellenbosch shines bleakly for the last time. The sadly illuminated couch gathers dust in the corner and the lamp casts shadows on its invisible face. Broken shards of glass lie at its feet. Its worn out feet which stood even when the heaviest rested on its face. The creaking of its springs echo in the memories of the room. The dead television set leers at the empty couch hovering in lonely limbo. The dirty floors melt into bile and all the events of yesterday drown. They all drown in the bile of the rancid floors. The living have entered this room for years and for years they filled it with their façades of pleasure. The couch was the scene of the crime.

Naked women were perched on its arm. They were sculptures of dogs in heat during those years and in those frozen…

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Who Am I?

“Strange enough once upon a time I believed this was the only question I could answer with certainty. But being confronted with the question makes me wonder am I really all that I thought I was? … Well, no probably not, or yes but that would only be my opinion about myself. Got me thinking about how others see me. For instance my friends would describe me as loving, friendly, bubbly weird, crazy and abnormal.  My family members would say I am obedient, helpful, quiet and trustworthy. The question is now, do I agree… and if not why. To be honest, I agree with most of it. But that is only my public self, but my inner self is the person who I really am. Not true, both these persona’s make me who I am. So I would describe me as sensitive, shy, loner and a bit stubborn. Amazingly how one cannot start this subject easily, but once started one cannot stop. Due to limited space and time makes one stop for a while, at least…”

My Mother

Only My mother.

She made me and raised me.

She taught me the difference between right and wrong, warning that I will get a beating if I did something wrong.

And shamefully I always tested that warning and got my beating.

Tough love is the way she loves, but when you least expect it she shows up with a Cornetto Strawberry.

She is one of the people who are always there for me.

She is my anchor that keeps me firmly on the ground.

She never judged me on my mistakes.

She always smiled on my failures because she knew there was something better in store for me.

I’m living half of my dream because she believes in me.

She is not the kind of mother with whom you discuss your love life

She doesn’t find any of my jokes funny.

If she evens understand me, I don’t know.

I always think she never actually listens to me, until she repeats something I said.

She buys me chocolates and cream doughnuts if complain long enough that I haven’t had any in a long time.

I always thought I was the perfect daughter, when actually that was just a fairy tale. She was in fact the perfect mother.

When I look at her now, I see the woman I never thought I’d be, but who I am.


What is love without romance? what is romance without love? I just dont understand why romance is so hard to find jeeze its actually impossible. Im so tired of running after love, im feeling like a sick dog for not being who i am and sticking to what i believe is right. Romance and Love belong together no matter what!!?!

I don’t want to hurt you

I’m not at all what you think you know.
You think what you see is someone with a warm heart that loves and cares.
But all that you see is just the person I show off to those who look at me.
One day when all of this is out of sight you’ll see what I mean.

I care about you, I really do, thats why I’m protecting you from this, instead of giving you what you want.
I’m sorry that it has to be like this, and I hope you’ll understand if not now, one day.