Jesus Would Have Let Me Cry on His Shoulder — Discover

this must be the saddest, yet greatest thing I ever read


“I smiled. My eyes weren’t really joyous, not like theirs. But no one else would be able to tell. Maybe someday I wouldn’t be able to tell either, and my pretense would feel real, real enough for me to forget everything that had ever made me feel sad.”

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When Your Existential Crisis Moves Abroad With You — Discover

“The notion that either of us could be lost between the couch cushions was absurd. We weren’t lost. We were Courageous Women Leading Extraordinary Lives!”

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We’re the broken ones

We’re broken puppets…believing in broken dreams, of broken promises…with broken hearts we love, broken people, with broken words, we try to say “I love you”..
With broken plasters, we try to mend the broken pieces together.
Not realising that our broken pieces creates beautiful, unique pieces of art.

It is what they say

They say baby-girl no matter the struggle, never give up.
Fight your battles, defeat your demons.
We smile and wave like we’re strong..
But nobody knows how badly we want to fall on our knees and cry.
Cry until our eyes run dry.
How badly we want someone to hug us, so tightly we’re unable to breathe.
For someone to hold us, and say nothing because words will never be stronger than silence.
We stand undefeated, day after day, but sometimes we don’t even know why we’re fighting.
We don’t even know why we started in the first place.
Everybody tells us to be strong and do what we must.
But sometimes the only thing we want to do is, to run and scream at nothing.
Eat ice-cream on a hot summer day or even better in the pouring rain….