“When he touched her…
Her soul exploded and the world around them turned to colors he has not seen before.
She apologized, he just smiled and held on tighter…
‘Don’t apologize, did you think I came here to caress an untouched soul’
Just like that her world became his.”

#theTouchedSoul #sheneverknew


Dear Strong Girl

I hear your cries to be free…
To be what you always wished to be.
Trapped by obligations of the world you pursued in the moment.

I see you fight the battles, I gave up long ago.
I know you want to cut your shackles and leap forward straight out of what’s keeping you here.

I feel the tightness around your heart.
The suffocation of being what you’re not.
Every breath you take makes you believe it’s the last because the last would end this torture.

The year it all changed

I have not been foolish enough to believe life ends because we want it to end.
I however foolishly believe that when all you’ve wanted was for life to end, it is the moment when you find life worth living for…
That it indeed will end.

In the worst moments of my life, I’ve wished for the end.
In the most quiet nights I have remembered these moments.
And every time, a single word can flood my insides with regrets… Even in the loudest moments.

You have not yet hurt until you’ve hurt because you hate yourself.