Making yourself invisible doesn’t really count as being invisible, right?
Well, I wouldn’t know the difference even if I tried.
Which I did, a lot.
I made myself visible.
And then I’d hide away so that nobody could see me.
Probably psychotic, but who knows.
I blame the Gemini.
I write, I want the words to swallow me.
I want the pages to be my covers.
I want to be hidden from the world…but I want to bleed into these pages and tell the world..
“Look, I’m hiding in here”
Psychotic, I say again, but who knows.
I’ve told my story, to dozens, or to less, it all really depends on if they’re really listening.
And I’m a rambler, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one who knows, all these different stories, and the only one who will ever know them.
So, I wave my “be my friend” banner, and hide when they come.
I don’t usually write the word into my writings, because I just take the word and stick it to whichever writing I feel, fits it’s profile.

But transcript..
I have been looking into the career of transcribing.
And as clear as light…
I’m certainly not the best storyteller.
But give me a story and I can easily rewrite it to take out the points I feel are not fitting and glam up the ones I feel are good but need to be excellent.
You see, it would be wise for you to exit now, before you get lost in the rambling.
My poor friends, don’t get that option once my tunnel opens.
Anyway so transcript, is one of the the words that comes with the job per say.
Having the urge to write, but never being able to, because as soon as you write the first word, sentence the rest dissapears.


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