We do onto others what what we don’t want to be done to us.

We know to love thy neighbour as you love yourself.
But we do to others that which we don’t want to be done to us because we selfish beings.
We’re animals, so our natural instinct is to lead the pack and be the leader.
So we do everything to get to that position.


#HeartBreak on a Full Moon

Listening to this album and thinking of all the late night missed calls, after a fight.
I’m sorry text messages driving me insane, for something stupid you did.
Waking up to apologies of the mistakes you will never repeat.
Screaming and throwing things.
Cussing and saying hateful things.

I’m glad I haven’t met you yet, coz the me I’m now, would not once accept your apologies or excuses. I won’t even bother breaking up coz it’d be over before you even thought of doing something wrong.

And I’m sure life will mature me and show me humans are prone to make mistakes because Guess what, nobody is perfect.

But for now, please wherever you are, be happy and live your life. Don’t let these girls ruin your mood. Coz when the time is ready, I’d need you to show me that, happiness is worth all the heartache and pain.

Devil and Angel is she

She remained the traitor of her identity when she could have just been free.
She fought herself everyday with the lies she told the people to hide what she was.
She didn’t want to show her true face, she knew it would seem horrific…

But was she really afraid of the thoughts and judgements they would have or was she afraid of her own judgments and thoughts…

She couldn’t escape her own dissaproval… Because she have two of herself fighting for the one spot reserved for two.

Sharing they refuse because to them winning has become the main objective.

She hides behind broken nails and dull eyelashes.
She never looks anyone in the eye…

She sees them for what they truly are and she has seen too many filthy souls, to believe that hers could be saved..
She wished upon a lonely star to be the one who can look past her devided being

But it remains…

She is a Devil and Angel alike… Beautiful but Damned.

The darkness

“I have learned the art of biting my tongue, and spilling the lies I have been told. The darkness swallows me in the light of day, mid conversation and nobody notices. I stare into my own blank and dry eyes, daring them to cry atleast. They say “you have Nothing to allow for this behavior”. I want to scream it is not behavior, it’s my life or the life I don’t want. I stand on the edge, ready to leap and let the darkness in… But my heart is holding onto some unsaid words of a promise to someone I would never see, if I don’t hold out for the light to take me.” #theDarknessCallsmeHerOwn #Ineedtobetaken #theLightistoofar #icantwaitthatlong


Making yourself invisible doesn’t really count as being invisible, right?
Well, I wouldn’t know the difference even if I tried.
Which I did, a lot.
I made myself visible.
And then I’d hide away so that nobody could see me.
Probably psychotic, but who knows.
I blame the Gemini.
I write, I want the words to swallow me.
I want the pages to be my covers.
I want to be hidden from the world…but I want to bleed into these pages and tell the world..
“Look, I’m hiding in here”
Psychotic, I say again, but who knows.
I’ve told my story, to dozens, or to less, it all really depends on if they’re really listening.
And I’m a rambler, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one who knows, all these different stories, and the only one who will ever know them.
So, I wave my “be my friend” banner, and hide when they come.
I don’t usually write the word into my writings, because I just take the word and stick it to whichever writing I feel, fits it’s profile.

But transcript..
I have been looking into the career of transcribing.
And as clear as light…
I’m certainly not the best storyteller.
But give me a story and I can easily rewrite it to take out the points I feel are not fitting and glam up the ones I feel are good but need to be excellent.
You see, it would be wise for you to exit now, before you get lost in the rambling.
My poor friends, don’t get that option once my tunnel opens.
Anyway so transcript, is one of the the words that comes with the job per say.
Having the urge to write, but never being able to, because as soon as you write the first word, sentence the rest dissapears.

Non-stop Mind

Go to bed way before the sleep has come.
Lying in bed tossing and turning because it’s not me I want to change.. it’s the world
Dreaming of world better than this one.

I walk arms wrapped around my body afraid I’d provoke someone by just being me.
This world was always the freedom my soul yearned for but through the eyes of trapped child…
Falling leaves are just as pretty as blooming flowers.
I hated my view of this world because it made me yearn for the darkness and it made me hate everything that kept the light on.

Love like corns

Imbedded, yes… It is a part of you but it hurts you so much you have to scratch at it… But it never really goes away.

I’m still pretending that one day this will all be alright, whilst I scratch at my love corns..

One day I would be able to rid myself of it or accept it for what it is.

She never stood a chance

Wildling eyes, she had…
They were fierce with power, and coated with fear.
Broken and dirty finger nails, the hands of a fighter, they said.

Removing her clothes, piece by piece, the marks of her identity are telling her story better than she would have.
Cut open and sewn together by unpracticed hands.
Broken from the inside out, without ever hearing the words, “Here let me help you”
She grew up broken, and learned to walk up right, with limbs barely straight enough to carry the weight.
Her world does not smell of roses and Sunday afternoon lemonade.
No, she knows the smells of dirty dogs and filthy alleys.
She was used and abused for just being born into the skin she was in.
But if you look closely, you’d see…
She forgave everything, everyone and she knew once this life was over the better one will be what she never even dreamt of.
She had faith, she believed.


“When he touched her…
Her soul exploded and the world around them turned to colors he has not seen before.
She apologized, he just smiled and held on tighter…
‘Don’t apologize, did you think I came here to caress an untouched soul’
Just like that her world became his.”

#theTouchedSoul #sheneverknew